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Dear Friday,

It’s late and you’re almost over. I’m squeezing in this post last minute just so I can say, “I did it! I posted every week day for two weeks straight!” Now granted I posted many later in the day–some in the evening–but I’m going to count it. I felt I gave the week a valiant effort and I’m pleased with the results. More than pleased… ECSTATIC!!!

This week really has been wonderful. I’ve eaten what I’m supposed to eat, learned to squeeze exercise into the few minutes I have each day, and (mostly) am getting all the right kind of rest. I’ve written more than my sentence per day this week. Yesterday I realized I can write at least 800 words an hour, as long as I’m not trying to “wordsmyth” as I go. This has me rethinking my writing strategy. I’m thinking if I’ll give myself the hour on Monday and Tuesday to write (whatever comes out… no judgements), then I’ll have a chapter to edit for the rest of the week. Just one hour. I can do one hour. And in the end those hours will help me create a novel.

A real life whole completed novel! *hearts float from my eyes*

Ahem… but I’ll celebrate later… when it’s actually written.

Today I’ll celebrate blogging consistently. I’ll celebrate tackling the hurdle of perfection and allowing myself wiggle room. I’ll celebrate making time to visit other blogs I enjoy. And I’ll celebrate a week of believing that I have value… that my writing has value. Those were big hurdles and big wins.

I’d planned creating a whole list of awesome lessons learned, but it’s 11:57pm and I’m tired. I’ve spent the day revamping my blog (which I love! go me!) and now am ready for some sleep. Besides, the hubby is calling.

So I might see you back here tomorrow. Until next time…