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*Think Dr. Suess’s Cat in the Hat 30 minute cartoon*

Oh my goodness I am SOOOOO glad the heaviness of freedom is over and we get to enjoy the lightness that comes with a week of fun!


“Doing something you enjoy.”

Or… is it?Pretty self explanatory, right? See! I love fun! So easy!

How many adults do you know that make time for fun? How many take a break from the normal routines of life to actually do something they enjoy… Every. Day? Maybe a few. Perhaps a little bit more.

I think two reactions tend to happen when those fun people come on the scene. We either scoff at their “immaturity” and whisper about them growing up, being responsible, and acting like the adults we are. Or, we envy them and grieve our own damnedable practicality. We tell ourselves “someday.”

Well folks–someday is today!

Before you run screaming, you should know this week isn’t about extreme challenges. I hope whatever camp you fall in (scoffers or envy-ers) you’ll be up for playing along. Instead we’ll focus on little daily goals that can incorporate fun–JOY–back into our lives. If you need a reason to go cliff jumping in South America, by all means use this week’s challenges as an excuse! But if you’re worried I’m going to have you tight rope walking in the visiting circus, relax. We’re all about simple here.

I have just one insy-winsy request… If your work IS fun (as so many writers have told me), I want you to find something OUTSIDE of work to fulfill your fun need. Think of it as getting double the pleasure, double the fun! (Mmm… double-mint gum…)

Otherwise, let loose. ENJOY yourself.

Fun = something that provides mirth or amusement.Oh! One other aside… these goals you set should be things you ENJOY. Attending a movie can be considered fun, but does it make you so happy your toes tingle? Does it make your heart feel lighter?

  • Enjoy = to experience with joy (which is the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying.)

If all you can do is have fun, I won’t take that from you. It’s a step in the right direction. But see if you can also reach for joy. Okay?

Plan & Evaluate
Keep it quick. Spend 5 minutes (or less) each day to plan and evaluate your Success Identity choices.

– Mornings: “What will I do? ONE SIMPLE thing I can do within the next 24 hours that will bring me closer to belonging? Power? Freedom? Fun?” (Four goals total).

– Evenings: “What did I do? Did my choices enhance, harm or not affect the success identity?”

Keep it simple. We don’t need to leap buildings in a single bound. Small changes, when added together, will lead to big impact.

Keep a record. At evening evaluation, jot down a sentence or two about how you’re feeling or any insights you’ve gleaned. This will help you see the small progress.

Extra Help
Look for daily FUN challenges via Twitter (#SuccessID) and Facebook (D.B. Smyth author page).

Good luck this week! I’ll see you next Thursday and I look forward to hearing about all the experiences you’re going to have!


What are your thoughts on FUN vs ENJOY? Why do you think either would be important to our success identity? What kinds of activities do you enjoy?
P.S. Here is a great supporting article titled, “Why do we need fun and laughter?” It speaks directly to learning in the classroom, but I think the same idea applies to all of us.

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