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Tip-Tap-Typing on the Lunatic Fringe
Hey Team! I’m hanging out with Alina B. Klein today on her blog Tip-Tap-Typing on the Lunatic Fringe. She’s hosting my post on trauma called “The Road Not Taken” as part of her Empowerment Project.

Click HERE to read the post.

Even if you’ve read the post, I’d invite you to stop by and meet Alina. She is AMAZING!!!! A total sweetheart and made of win. I love her blog and her sweetness that makes rainy days bright with sunshine.

Also, if you haven’t checked it out already, be sure to read up on the Success Identity Challenge. Beginning Friday, I’m taking whoever will go with me on a mini-trek to change how we view the world and, with it, our ability to feel greater satisfaction, success and fulfillment. Hope you’ll grab your hiking boots and walk this trail with us!

Happy Living,