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Drawing by Annie L Cechini, used with permission

1. Don’t write down the awesomesauce idea when it hits you. Instead, wait a week. Let it sit, simmering—you tell yourself—when in reality you’ve only succeeded in boiling the water into nothingness and scorching the bottom of the pan.

2. Return the book you planned on using as your example. Nay, your text manual. Because if that doesn’t say genius I don’t know what does. You’ll remember the whole thing, right? Who needs an eidetic memory when you’re made of awesome?

3. Wait until mid-morning the day you plan to publish your post to write it. Waiting until the last second is always a fabulous idea when you want to impress the writing world. They will absolutely not judge your spelling errors, grammatical issues, and your half-baked, unfollowable ideas. Heck, why not use made up words like unfollowable to show them just how bad-ass you are. Screw the rules! You’re so awesome you can make your own.

And that, my friends, is how NOT to write a blog post. (Not that I know from experience or anything.)

Any other thoughts, tips or tricks you wanna add? (Like using wanna instead of want to…)