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I really, really do wish that I was perfect. I keep thinking that if I try hard enough I’ll get there. That if I push myself enough, be self-less enough, get the right schedule setup–that suddenly the heavens will open, angelic choirs will sing and a hot guy on a flaming chariot will announce to me (and perhaps the world) that I have finally reached perfection!

But that’s not going to happen, is it? He’ll probably be a guy with a beard. hehe

The truth is that perfection is an illusion. No such thing. Never will be. Why? Because we’re human. I’ll never blog all the right stuff at all the right times to all the right people. I’ll never be able to follow hundreds of blogs and thousands of tweets and make them all feel as special as they should feel. And I’ll never, ever be the one to rule the world. Le sigh. (Is having millions of people adore really too much to ask! lol)

Someone will always misunderstand my intentions and my shyness. Someone will always dislike me or my writing or both. Someone will always judge what I said and how I said or judge the lack of saying anything.

And while the rest of the world doesn’t need to be reminded that I’m not perfect and can’t be, I do. I need to remember that life is a work in progress. It hurts. I mess up. I have to erase stuff or maybe color over it. Some stuff has to be thrown away or saved for a later date. And some people, no matter how much I try to write them off or hide them away, will always force themselves like unrelenting secondary characters into the scenes of my life–sometimes for the worse, but (in hindsight) mostly for the best.

Perfection is a myth. Are you listening, DB? Perfection. Is. A myth.

The truth? You can be whole without being perfect. You can make progress while also making mistakes. You can write the best damn story possible and someone will still think it sucks. But the upside? Someone else will find it the most amazing book they ever read. Even if that one person is you.

So stop wishing you were perfect and start believing you are awesome.

Now… go write that story!