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And by shake up your story Raghava KK means shake up your perspective!

I love being an artist during a time of so much change. The publishing industry seems to be transforming before our eyes, like a butterfly captured by a slow motion camera. It’s captivating to watch as a new era of publishing emerges! Exciting and a tad bit scary.

But where there is uncertainty, I also believe there is opportunity!

I love that many artists are meeting the questions head-on… thinking outside the box, the book, the canvas and the world as they look toward the future and what it could be. I love that we’re seeking to create solutions that meet the needs of the many different people in this world, not just the elite few. And I believe most of us are embracing the idea that it won’t be a one-size-fits-all for author or reader.

It can’t be.

It shouldn’t be traditional versus self-pub or even paper versus digital. There are too many people, to many socioeconomic and cultural differences, for just one solution to be the right solution.

So as you take the 5 minutes to watch Raghava KK’s presentation, I hope you’ll consider how shaking up our perspective can enhance creativity rather than stifle it.

If you could grab your views right now and shake them, what might you see that you were missing before?

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Raghava KK: Shake up your story

Artist Raghava KK demos his new children’s book for iPad with a fun feature: when you shake it, the story — and your perspective — changes. In this charming short talk, he invites all of us to shake up our perspective a little bit. (
photo credit (featured image): Copyright © 2013 TED Conference via Flickr, cc Some rights reserved