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Why am I a writer? Why did I choose this vocation (because it’s way more than a job)?

I’ve thought about this before but Robin Sullivan’s seminar on marketing and Sierra Gardner’s post really had me digging deep for the real answer, not the “right” one.

I chatted it with my hubby and tried to explain my “whys” to him. They mostly consisted of evoking emotion in others. Influencing others. Changing others.

“That’s not good enough,” he said.

“Why?!?” (I really hate when he argues with me!)

“What if no one reads your story? What if books were banned tomorrow? Would you still write?”

“Of course!” I replied.


So, after a ton of thinking and a little sleep deprivation, here is my why. (Thanks goes to Robin for recommending the video and to Sierra for letting me steal her format. She is incredible! …And she’s all mine, muhahahaha! *cheers for fabulous crit partner*)

Why do I do what I do?

  • I believe that truth is found in fiction—that imaginary characters and make-believe worlds can offer greater insight into the human condition than can a history book full of facts.
  • I believe that nightmares and dreams are worthy to explore—that in sharing our experiences we learn that we are more similar than different. More connected than separate.
  • I believe that stories inspire us to live, not just breathe. To have joy, not just contentment. To love, not just endure.
  • I believe that individuals change the future and can determine for themselves what is of worth and what can be tossed. One person can influence many regardless of wealth, social status or prodigy-level talent. They only need to follow their dream with passion and execute their plan with love.
  • I believe in people. I believe in the power of readers. I believe in you. (And yes, hubby, there is still an element of writing that has to do with creating relationships with readers… and I LOVE that part! *sticks out tongue like a two-year-old*).

How does that translate into my life & writing?
  • I travel the pages of life as I pursue my heart’s desire and encourage others to do the same. Let go of outside expectations and listen to your true self! Me? I’m backpacking my way through the unbridled adventure I call writing.
  • I read. Published and non-published. Fiction and non-fiction (mostly self-help). Traditional and self-published works. Ideas are meant to be consumed, not just placed on a shelf.
  • I write. Stories of pain, trauma, anger, love, forgiveness, redemption and hope. I love exploring the untapped potential in human nature and the ability we have to overcome even the most desperate situations. Our power to change comes not from any external force, but from internal resolve.
  • I edit. I love helping others to find their voice and increase the power of their words! I learn so much from them and love being a part of the process that takes a story from unrealized idea to compelling novel. It’s amazing!

What is the end result?
  • Books! Both mine and others!
    • Mine. My current novel ATONEMENTS is about an Angel of Death who seeks redemption from a lifetime of murders. But to obtain the peace she so desperately desires, she must choose between accepting her role as Death, or forsaking everything to search for the truth among those who are assigned to destroy her.
    • Others. I am so blessed to work with such talented writers as Annie L. Cechini, Sierra Gardner, ESN, and Liza Kane. I feel honored they’d trust me with their manuscripts and look forward to seeing their works published in the (near) future!
So that’s it. That’s me in a really long nutshell.

I write because to me writing is breathing. It enables me to live not just my life but a hundred different lives as I create and mold characters. I walk worlds people haven’t seen and travel roads yet to be discovered. I have a thousand adventures. I live and die and love a million times over. I write to breathe and breathe so that I might share these people and worlds and paths with someone more than just myself.

Check out the following video and then tell me, why do you do what you do? Whether it’s writing, jumping, bicycling or whatever you do, what makes you get out of bed to do it?

Happy writing!