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Hello 2013!!!! I’m so glad you’re here!

Odd years, oddly enough, tend to be my better years. Not sure whether that’s because even years have historically been such a let down (oh the examples I could give you!) or because the universe is telling me to embrace my oddness–AWKWARD FTW!–, but I tend to look forward to the ODDs with excitement. I just know something good is up ahead and I become all giddy over the opportunities and changes that life has waiting for me.

(Perhaps odd years are so good because I make them good? Idk, just a thought.)

Regardless, I’m already breathing easier knowing that 2012 (fondly known as “The Year of Suck”) has ended and I’ve stepped confidently into 2013. Bring it on, life!

I used to set pages of goals to accomplish each year but, like most people, found myself checking only one or two items off said list. I tried narrowing it down to 10 and then 5 and then 3 things. You’d think I could do that, right? Nope. Even with three items I found myself with empty check boxes and a week of self loathing as I closed out one year and looked toward the next. Didn’t seem to matter what I DID accomplish. I only saw what I didn’t.

Until last year. Last year I created a theme rather than a checklist. And you know what? I LOVED it! Not the year (some things still suck regardless of how awesome your theme is), but the ability to place my circumstances in context of a bigger outlook. Then, even the challenges had value as I saw them as opportunities rather than the apocalypse they used to be.

So I’m continuing the tradition for 2013! My focus this year will be…

… drum roll please…


(What? I don’t have drums.)

Sun Rise

Copyright © 2007 Umair Mohsin via Flickr, Some rights reserved

“Let your life shine and your story unfold.”

Letting my life shine means, first, continuing to unpack my internal workings to pinpoint the REAL me–what do I really want, what do I really believe, what rules will I allow to govern my life? Then accepting that self–my desires, my beliefs, my needs, my hopes, my path–without explanations or apologies. It means giving my Internal Critic a one-way ticket to the Bermuda Triangle and giving myself permission (and confidence) to be authentic, regardless of who I’m with.

Letting my story unfold means allowing life to develop without trying to micromanage the Universe. Like writing a novel, it’s good to have an end goal in mind, but the real magic happens when you simply let the story unfold. One of my favorite quotes right now is, “I’m the hero of this story. I don’t need to be saved.” Hell-a-YES! Empowerment without perfection. Like any hero I will conquer and I will fail, but as long as I remain open to the journey, in the end I will have a story, and a heart, worth having.

I don’t expect any of this to be easy, but I do expect it to be amazing!

To clearly state my intention to the UNIVERSE: Today and always, I am embracing my authentic self with love and confidence, allowing my “ME-ness” to shine in all areas of my life, and allowing others to show up to support me. I’m letting life and change happen naturally and wonderfully. I am happy to be me.

2013 will be the year of win! And whatever happens, it will be an important part of creating my story.

How about you? Do you set goals? Intentions? Themes? What will you create for yourself in 2013?