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As I’ve thought about what I wanted to share with you today one blog keeps coming to mind: Write to Publish by Robin Sullivan. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. Either way, I feel strongly that it’s worth mentioning.

Write to Publish is a blog about industry, discussing the “business side of novel writing” and known, at least to me, for it’s support of self-publishing. But don’t let that stop you from checking it out, even if you are a “traditional publishing all the way” kind of writer. There is something on Write to Publish for everyone.

With a background in marketing, Robin offers incredible insight into building brand, expanding one’s market, and essentially getting in touch with readers. You know… the people who actually buy our books.

I “bumped into” Robin via a crazy death-to-self-publishing tirade on some writerly forum. I liked what she was saying… that self-publishing is alive and well and she has the numbers to prove it. While the conversation turned into some medieval mob attack against Frankenstein’s monster, she remained professional and insightful. I liked her more for it. So I did some digging (which was less digging and more clicking as Robin makes it super easy to find her).

I discovered her blog, her twitter presence and her upcoming seminar in Virginia on “Getting the Word Out: How to Publicize Your Books.” What better way to get to know someone than in person! I marked the day on my calendar, read as many posts of hers as I could (because you know there would totally be a test), and stressed about what to wear to make that perfect first impression. Could I wear my beloved flip flops?

(I know. I’m crazy. But I’m pretty sure I established that already.)

Seminar day came, I wore the worst shoes I could possibly wear for trekking through the Metro, and ended up meeting a super nice, down-to-earth, and oh-so-intelligent Robin Sullivan. My pencil licked up all of her words as she opened my brain to the possibilities. She made the marketing process easy to understand and for the first time I thought, yeah! I can do this!

(Well… I could… if I ever finish this novel of mine. Le sigh.)

And that’s what I consistently see from her blog–posts that break abstract concepts down into easy to manage bits that I can understand. Like painting by numbers. Robin has two recent blog series that I found super helpful: Bios and Branding (links are to the first post in each series). I also LOVED her post on “What I believe” which led me to write my own belief statement.

So take a moment to jump over to Write to Publish. Whether you want to self-publish or follow the traditional path, Robin’s insight can help you achieve the success you’re hoping for.